Contact us with any questions or if you are wanting to look at the possibilities of classes.

Mr. McWiz is a Florida licensed teacher, published book author and  former science teacher.

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A LOT of educational fun and

facination in many areas of

science with "hands-on" learning.

Start 'em young!

Are you a homeschooling parent or teacher looking for fun science experiments to teach...and HOW to teach them? Contact us to learn about some dynamically engaging science experiment videos available to the parent or teacher who wants some help on how to better teach science lessons to their children. Take advantage of Mr. McWiz's 35 year collection of science experiments that he has found extremely beneficial to student engagement. Press the videos or contact button above to contact Mr. McWiz about these very helpful videos and how to get them.

For Ages 5 to 15

After-school and homeschooling
children are welcome.
Ages 5 to 15

We know you want the very best for your child. Mr. McWiz is a Florida licensed teacher, science book author and was an elementary and middle school science teacher for many years. He teaches out of his science center office or comes to your home if you prefer. Mr. McWiz has taught hundreds of children and is trusted by hundreds of parents as well. If your child never gets enough science and you love seeing your child get excited about discovery learning, then you will want to call or email Mr. McWiz to look into scheduling a fun-filled science session.You can email him directly at or go to for any questions.

New Instruction Videos for Parents Teaching Science Now Available!!

 Mr. McWiz
Clearwater, Florida


Instruction tailored to your child's science interest.

Our main goals are for the children to have fun learning the fascinations of scientific exploration. To stimulate their minds to learn as much as they can about the scientific world around them...because they WANT to and learning can be very enjoyable. Are YOU just a little curious about what is going on in the photo above?

Mr. McWiz Science offers a unique opportunity in the Tampa Bay Florida community for children to have fun doing science with a very qualified professional and licensed educator.



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