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Our main mission is to provide a unique opportunity in the Tampa Bay Florida community for children to have fun doing science with  qualified professional and licensed educators.

Mr. McWiz is a Florida licensed teacher, retired science teacher, and science book author

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Our main goal is to captivate the curious minds of children in learning about why things work in the wonderful world that surrounds them...
scientifically speaking!
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We know you want the very best for your child. Mr. McWiz is a Florida licensed teacher, science book author and was an elementary and middle school science teacher for many years. He teaches out of his science center office or comes to your home if you prefer. Mr. McWiz has taught hundreds of children and is trusted by hundreds of parents as well. If your child never gets enough science and you love seeing your child get excited about discovery learning, then you will want to call or email Mr. McWiz to look into scheduling a fun-filled science session.You can email him directly at larrydmcclellan@gmail.com or go to mrmcwiz@mrmcwizscience.com for any questions.

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Ages 6 to 16

Learning should be a journey...and not a race.


For Ages 6 to 16