Kid LOVE mixing things! Especially when they fizzle and pop!

Session Themes

Summer Camp Chemistry

IDEA: This could be a great birthday gift for that child that LOVES science!

Session I : Enjoyable experiments with Chemical Changes like making Elephant Toothpaste

Session II: Solutes, Solvents and Solutions – Surprising Experiments with many Food Items

Session III: What is Chromatography, Capillary Action and Density Fun

Session IV: Solve the Chemical Mysteries with Acids and Bases and Glowing Water!

Note: There may be a change to a session above if something even more fun comes along. For example, you may wish to substitute one of the above for the “Magic of Soap”.

Where:           To be determined but probably at the Safety Harbor Complex in Florida

When:             Any week that’s open this summer – YOU pick!

How Long:     About two hour sessions; four days per week. YOU pick the time to come!

Ages:              6-8, and 9-12 (or families of two or more – ages 6 to 12)

Cost:               $195 plus materials ($10) for each student attending